Change Smartphone
Into One-Handed Device
Itelte is the app for changing smartphone into One-Hnaded device.
Itelte consists of two applications, itelte for Smartphone, which sends your hand gestures to itelte for Desktop, which receives them and execute an associated shortcut command. You can associate them by the desktop application.
Switch Quickly
Desktop application's tools can be switched by one tapping without taking time to click or pushing wrong key.
In the following video, 1: Selection tool, 2: Eraser, 3: Fill, and 4: Pen.
Left: PC screen / Right: Smartphone
Do intuitively
For example, brush size can be changed by rotating your fingers on the smartphone screen like a dial.
In the following video, clockwise rotation: Increase brush size, and counter clockwise rotation: Decrease brush size.
Left: PC screen / Right: Smartphone
In a Familiar Way
You can use Two-finger Undo or Three-finger Redo on a desktop application like a typical tablet drawing software.
Itelte is for free.
If you choose to use itelte, then you agree to the Privacy Policy.
itelte for Smartphone
iOS 11 +
Android 5.0 +
itelte for Desktop
Windows 10 +
Windows 7 and 8 may also work fine, but Bluetooth mode is unavailable.
Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) +
Single Tap/Double Tap
Tap four areas on the screen named 1(top), 2(right), 3(bottom), and 4(left).
Swipe in four directions, upper left, upper right, lower right, and lower left.
Long Press
Keep touching the screen without moving.
Two or Three Finger Tap
Tap the screen with two or three fingers.
Touch the screen with two fingers and move them together or apart.
Touch the screen with two fingers and rotate them like turning a dial.
Tilt up, right, down, and left your smartphone quickly.
Virtual Trackpad
Tapping the upper left icon changes the mode Trackpad.
Virtual Keyboard
Tapping the upper right icon changes the mode Keyboard.
1. Setup itelte for Desktop
1. Download the zip file from DOWNLOAD section and unzip it wherever you want.
2. Run 'itelte.exe'. But, we apologize that, you should see the warning message below.
If you trust us, please click 'More info' link and then click 'Run anyway' button.
1. Download the zip file from DOWNLOAD section and unzip it.
2. Move the unzipped file 'itelte' (or '') to Applications folder.
3. Open menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility.
After clicking the lower left lock icon, add itelte for Desktop to the list and check it on.
2. Get itelte for Smartphone
Go App Store or Google Play with your smartphone.
After installing, run it and tap upper right icon to open settings page to choose Connection Mode.
Bluetooth Mode
If both of your smartphone and desktop computer support BLE, or Bluetooth Low Energy technology (don't worry, almost recent devices will support it,) you can choose Bluetooth Mode by turning 'Connection Mode' on 'Bluetooth'. After a while, itete for Desktop will discover your smartphone automatically.
Wi-Fi Mode (default)
If your device does not support BLE or you want more stable connection way, choose to use Wi-Fi Mode. Enter 'PC Address' and 'Port' parameters, these can be found on itelte for Desktop menu 'Connection > Wi-Fi'.
'PC Address' and 'Port' parameters may change by shutting down your desktop computer or other reasons.
Your smartphone and desktop computer must connect to same Wi-Fi network.
3. Set Shortcuts
If everything goes well, itelte for Desktop will react to your hand gestures via itelte for Smartphone. It's high time to assign the shortcuts!
Itelte for Desktop will list running applications on left side, or click 'Reload Applications' to refresh the list.
Select a name of target application on the list and enter a shortcut by typing keyboard. After setting, click 'Save Setting'.
You must keep itelte for Desktop running while working with itelte for Smartphone.
You can get sample shortcut settings here to import them to itelte for Desktop.
  1. Copy the text below.
  2. On itelte for Desktop, right click the target application row and select 'Import Setting'.
  3. Do paste in a textbox and click 'Import'.
Adobe Photoshop
If you have any questions or suggestions, contact our Twitter account. @itelte_app
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